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Responsive Web Design

I can help you create a new website your customers will trust and work great on all devices, be it Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.

Freelance SEO Consultant

I have many years experience of helping businesses just like yours with both Technical On-P.age SEO & Link Building

Freelance PPC Consultant

I can help you manage your PPC accounts with the intention of helping you maximise your monthly click costs .

Freelance SEO

Love it or Hate it…
Google Drives Traffic!

Google is the most dominant search engine which means what Google wants, Google gets! There is no escaping the fact that the Penguin and Panda updates completely changed overnight how we all perform SEO.

Key to helping your business is my knowledge and experience of all of these changes…

Bespoke Small Business SEO & Link Building Packages

On-page / Technical SEO for Existing Websites

Web Design Packages for all Budgets

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Small Business SEO

The biggest challenge for any business is attracting new customers and ensuring existing customers are kept happy. However for many businesses new to online marketing, it can be a real challenge getting to grips with the idea of now having to consider a third entity in the customer relationship cycle – Google.

Unlike many Freelancers and Marketing Agencies, I’m not going to sugar coat it! There are no guarantees that number 1 rankings and floods of new customers will come quickly or easily. Google has changed a lot in the past 5 years, making it considerably more difficult and time consuming without risking a Google Penalty!

Online Marketing
Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO Optimization

For the majority of businesses who do not have a fixed location customer base, they may not see Local SEO as being all that important for their businesses, but I disagree! For me, Google provides us with all of these tools to help us get the most out of Google. Be it Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools (now called Search Console), Google+ or Google Maps.

So for me, ignoring these tools without a good excuse is just setting yourself up to fail. In this instance, having a Google Maps listing which is included with Google My Business helps to show Google you’re a real business. Google is in a constant war with spam, so verifying your business to them is one way of showing you’re one of the ‘good guys’.

Web Design

For possibly first time in the past 20 years since the Internet was invented. We’re now at the point where getting your business online can branch off in a few different routes. #1 you can solely run your online presence from Facebook, Twitter or Google+, #2 you can run your businesses website from a free domain such as http://your-business.wordpress.com or #3 you can pay somebody like me to create a website that both Google and visitors will love!

The biggest difference between hiring somebody like me and going to other Freelancers or Agencies will be cost! I realise that small businesses have a lot of existing overheads, so I ensure my pricing works for businesses of all sizes! I figure a great looking website should be available every business, not just those with huge budgets!

SEO Web Design
SEO Web Design

PPC / Adwords Setup & Management

Although I firmly believe that all businesses should invest some time and effort in Organic SEO. It can be a slow process getting Google to ‘Love’ your website, so short term wins can be hard to find. For that reason, Google Adwords and other forms of PPC advertising can provide you with traffic and potential customers.

The biggest issue for many small businesses when they start using Adwords is trying to make it work for them. Quite often they find their monthly budget is spent in mere weeks, even days through bad keyword choices and mismanagement. This is why hiring somebody like me to help setup and/or manage your account can potentially save you far more money than you are potentially wasting each month currently.

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