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I started learning HTML and building websites in 2004 off the back of reading an article in 'Future Music' magazine of all places! (an Electronic Music Producer Magazine) At the time, my computer was used for making music, not websites!

Then in 2005/06, I stumbled upon some software whilst trying to learn PHP that would completely blow my mind! It was called WordPress; you may have heard it?

Thanks to WordPress, I could now create simple templates and knock up a webpage in the time it took me to write some content. No longer was I left fiddling in Notepad or Dreamweaver trying to get my content to look good in a HTML page!

Thanks to WordPress, I now found myself able to create websites far more quickly and easily. What used to take me weeks, now took me days! Ultimately leaving me with more time to spend learning about getting traffic to my new websites...

Here on in, is where my SEO journey began and where I am today...!

My Interest Lies in Three Areas Online

Web Design



PPC Management

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