Matt Cutts talks PageRank – Do you still use it?

rip pagerank Matt Cutts talks PageRank   Do you still use it?Matt Cutts, the Google guy who gives us an insight into Google’s World and offers up tips and his wisdom about what we should and shouldn’t be doing (even though it often feels like it’s hidden behind a thin veil of secrecy). Well recently, he did one of his video which tried to answer a question about PageRank and more importantly, it’s use in the Google toolbar for “regular users”.

It’s an outdated metric which many low quality link builders still sell their services on. It’s understandable when you realise just how many website owners and small businesses owners who don’t know any better still think because it’s from Google, it’s important. I guess you cannot blame them for thinking that way. Google has spent a great many years trying to convince everyone that they’re the guardians of the Internet and everything they do is for the benefit of of us all. In fact, us mere mortals do not know a good website from a bad one it would seem unless we consult the PageRank meter in the Google toolbar…

Yeah well, the cold hard facts are there for everyone to see and know. Anyone involved in SEO and Link Building, not only those who are practitioners, but also those who pay for SEO and Link Building services too shouldn’t really still be using it. Because PageRank is only updated once in a blue moon and has little relevance to the importance of a website. It serves no real use to anyone. I’ve seen first hand websites which are only months old, with a PageRank of 7+. Now there’s only one way a website that new could manage that and that’s if it can be manipulated. So it still amazes me why anyone would be foolish enough to buy links based on PageRank.

So I guess this leads me on to the Matt Cutts video below. It would be great if Google could either improve PageRank as an SEO metric (no chance) or simply retire it (woohoo) and give us all the opportunity to mourn our loss for all of about 30 seconds and then get on with our lives. But for whatever reason, they seem reluctant to pull the plug on it just yet. Matt Cutts gave his thoughts on PageRank, what he sees happeningto it (not at the hands of Google)…

So we all know that PageRank is akin to a chronic case of diarrhoea, unpleasant at the best of times and you’re unlikely to admit you’ve had it. So what else is there to use?

Most people I know who work in the SEO industry rely on SEOmoz metrics, Domain Authority and Page Authority. Beyond that, there is Majestic SEO’s metrics; Citation Flow and Trust Flow, but personally, I don’t tend to consider them so highly except when I’m checking link profiles of clients who have had unnatural link warnings or simply find themselves suffering a drop in rankings.

Of course Google wont be using any of these metrics directly themselves and they definitely wont be using PageRank either. So there is the case for questioning if any of the SEOmoz or Majestic SEO metrics are reliable. But as ever, they’re the most trusted and the most well used so who am I to argue…

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