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About David Smith - Freelance SEO & PPC

Since you’re here, you’re probably thinking you’d like to get to know a bit more about the person behind this website…

Now I’m not going to be awarding any prizes for guessing what my name is, so lets get right into this and deal briefly with who I am, why you’re likely to be here on my website and what I expect from you!

So lets get right on with it and get the obvious out of the way… My name is David Smith (told you it would be obvious) and I’ve been doing SEO since 2005, having spent many months learning HTML and building basic websites back in 2004. I started to investigate how to get people to visit my websites and the rest as they say, is history!

The Freelance SEO, PPC and Web Design Bit

As time went on, it became clear that I was spending far too much of my free time on my websites and learning about SEO. This ultimately culminated in me deciding that this was going to be more than just a hobby and might actually be something I could do 9-5 without wanting to throw myself out of a window! Hey we’ve all had those jobs where those 8 hours feel more like 16 hours, and go on and on and on all day…

So yeah, I went all in with this and applied to University, sold my house and moved from Leicester to Manchester in 2007. It was during my time at University that I ultimately learnt the most about Web Design, SEO and PPC and not because I was being taught any of this. But merely because I had so much free time to sit around and work on this stuff. I’m not sure I gained anything else from University, except for a student loan, and a piece of paper.

Working as a freelancer, has meant that I’ve had to juggle many different jobs for clients and quickly learn and adapt along the way. Whereas in an agency, where you have others who are skilled and knowledgeable in various capacities to bounce questions off of. In a freelance capacity, I’d always strived to be able to deliver whatever work, clients wanted help with, which I’ve always enjoyed as it’s stretched my knowledge and understanding.

Update September 2017

I’d been doing work on Adwords for clients since 2010, but had always wanted to, but never found the time to, do the Adwords exams and become Adwords Qualified. Well in September, I finally found some time to sit down and get through them and finally get the Exams passed.

Here is my Google Partners / Adwords Profile.

The SEO / Marketing Agency Gig

I started working for an Agency in Manchester in 2012 as an SEO Consultant, helping clients with Link Building and due to my knowledge and experience with Technical SEO. I started to offer help and advice with their websites too. Over the years, this has morphed into me being called upon to be the go to person in the agency for all things On-page and Technical SEO.

To say that’s all I’ve done, would be an understatement! The agency was quite small when I started, with just 5 of us at one point, so being the most knowledgeable about all things SEO, I was always naturally going to be the one person in the office who was called upon to answer queries about clients websites and other issues.

To keep this brief, I’ve also worked on Backlink Audits and Disavows, PPC Setup and Management and WordPress Web Design.

Update December 2017

I decided after 5.5 years of juggling a full-time job and freelance work, that I wanted the freedom to do more of what I enjoyed doing, which is helping small businesses with their online marketing. Helping them to gain a competitive edge with bigger, more established businesses online, by providing them with the same level of account management expertise they would get from a marketing agency, but without having to pay the sky high marketing agency fees.

I’d worked across all manner of different departments in my 5+ years, working with some very large, national and international businesses, right down to small businesses who had gone down the marketing agency route. My experience encompassed everything from large fashion brands and ecommerce sites, to motoring websites to law firms, and everything in between.

The bit where I talk about where in the World I live

I live in Manchester, UK and been living here since 2007 having moved up here to go to University to do a Degree. Interesting story… The Degree I was registered on, was cancelled but I was never told (I know, sucks to be me right?).

So I switched to another Degree on a whim called ‘Internet Computing’ which sounded like something I wanted to do, without really thinking through the implications. However, in the second year, I just wasn’t enjoying it as I was focusing on Java programming for the most part, which really wasn’t for me as I was getting more and more interested in SEO, PPC and WordPress Web Design at the time.

After discussing it with the University, I switched again to another Degree which I eventually finished in 2012. I guess you could say that, that was my homage to ‘The Three Degrees’…

The bit about my David Smith SEO 2.0 reboot

For many years, I’ve been running this website as my freelance outlet to the World to find clients and help with clients finding out more about me. One of my intentions with this website was always to share my SEO Agency journey, what I was learning along the way and just general observations on what was happening with Google, etc.

However, for one reason or another, it never really happened, but one thing I have decided to focus on, is improving the website for both visitors and clients. I’ve already added a Free SEO Audit tool to the website to allow small business owners to check their websites for free. I’m not using it as a lead generation tool, in that I won’t chase and hound anybody with the information they provide. I’m happy to give back to the community with my free tool.

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Better still, Get in Touch and see how I can Help You!

If you’re looking for a friendly and highly knowledgeable person to help manage your website marketing, with absolutely no Sales Bullshit. Chances are, I’m going to seem like a breath of fresh air, and best of all, I’m not selling pipe dreams, I’m only going to advise you on things I’m sure have the potential to work for your business.

I’m not going to concentrate on selling services that will waste your time and marketing budget, simply to line my own pockets. I’m not a salaried employee, this is my business, I only get paid when I keep clients happy, so I have a vested interest in ensuring I only do the best work and most productive work.

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