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I’m a Freelancer with specific knowledge and skills in Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), specifically with regards to the setup and management of Google Ads (Adwords) and Facebook Ads. I can also help businesses with Local SEO, Small Business SEO, Technical SEO (on-page) along with creating WordPress Websites (like mine) for clients.

I literally live and breath Digital Marketing, I read about it, I keep my skills and knowledge up to date and I do it for a living helping both clients and working on my own projects. What can I say? I love and enjoy what I do so much, it’s literally a hobby that pays the bills! That isn’t to say I will do half arsed job of the work I do for you, it just means that it’s never a chore, more so a labour of love.

The great thing about working with me, rather than going to a Marketing Agency, is you’re working with a key stakeholder in your project rather than an employee of the agency who probably won’t be any more bothered about your account than the agency owner. Agencies employ sales staff to keep a steady stream of businesses coming through the doors. So there is no motivation to keep clients on-board, especially if you don’t have a big budget campaign. There are always bigger fish out there to hook in and win work from.

It’s different when you work with me because I’m not a one man selling machine! In fact, I’m not a natural salesman who will wow you with sales patter designed to woo you in with promises of fantastic results and promises of moving Heaven and Earth to get you results. Lets face it, if you’re here and you’re reading this now. Chances are, you’ve been burned by these promises before and starting to doubt the sales machines promises.

I’ve worked in Agencies for over 5 years and in-house for over 3 years and in that time. I’ve listened to numerous sales teams and agency owners making promises, spinning tall tales about results that weren’t true and listened to how they create a web of half truths and promises in order to get perspective clients signed up to 12 month contracts, so that if and when things started to go sour, they were locked in!

I’m not a sales machine, I’m not working with dozens of new clients every few months. There is no churn and burn, I build relationships with my clients and consider their websites to be my own and work hard to ensure they get the care and attention I would give to my own websites. I’m invested in their success because I’m not a one man sales machine! I’m not out pitching new clients with promises every day.

I rely on my website to do the talking for me and for my happy clients to recommend me to friends, family and business acquaintances, etc. I find the best clients are those who choose to work with me because they want to work with me. Not simply because I talked the talk in a sales pitch giving them the blind hope that this time, it would be different.

You see I have no contracts, if I didn’t live up to your expectations, there’d be no reason for you to stick around! As so, I have a vested interest in making this partnership work far more than any Agency Account Manager ever would do, since their only motivation is ensuring they continue to pick up their monthly salary. Not to ensure that you’re getting value for money and the best help and advice to improve your business online.

In fact, the Sales Teams and Agency Owners main motivation is not you, the client on a new 12 month contract. It’s the next business debating whether to sign on the dotted line. Once you’re in the system, once you’re setup with monthly invoicing, you’re no long important to them! They’re on to the next perspective client and the next sales pitch!

So your choice… Do you want to get tangled up in the sales machine, signed up for 12 month contracts and stuck paying even if you realise you made a mistake?

Or do you want to avoid the sales hype altogether and do something different? Work with a freelancer who’s had enough of the agency life, been fed up of trying to live up to the claims and expectations from the sales team. Who now focuses on doing his best work for every client and ensuring that I never over sell something, if it plain won’t benefit my clients!

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