Freelance SEO Consultant

From small local business looking for help reaching customers within the same City, to large nationwide business or online ecommerce stores looking to reach customers across the UK.

With more and more business becoming aware of the need to optimise their websites to make them Google friendly in order to increase their rankings, traffic and customer acquisition. It is now more important than ever that you consider how you will compete online with your own online marketing and SEO strategy. Whether you choose to put your trust in an SEO agency where typically one person will charged with being your account manager or you choose to use a Freelance SEO like myself. Fundamentally your websites SEO optimisation will be handled in much the same way, albeit without the additional overheads and expenses typically added to your invoices by agencies.

Some of the SEO services I can help you with as follows;

On-page Technical SEO Audits

On-Page SEO Audits

Google has changed in many ways over the past 5 years and made it clear that websites can no longer ignore their online user experience. As so, I can help you by providing your website with an on-page technical SEO audit to both find and fix any issues with your website to ensure you’re in the best position to make the most from your other SEO activities.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Whether your businesses customer base is within the same city, county/state as your business location. Or whether your customers live in many locations from around the country or even the World. Local SEO techniques such as Local Citations can also help with increasing your website’s trust, authority and branding in Google.

SEO Link Building Outreach

SEO Outreach

With the advent of Google’s Penguin algorithm update in 2012, many people began to speculate that this meant the end of link building. However, nothing could be further from the truth since links still play a major part in ranking highly in Google. I can help you with getting the types of links which will help you through SEO outreach.

Find out today how I can help you with your Search Engine Optimisation!

For the majority of businesses, when they think of SEO services, they’ll instantly begin to think they get what they pay for which usually means paying a large and expensive agency. As a Freelance SEO Consultant, I’m fully able to provide the same SEO Campaign Management services but with a vastly different cost for my services. Regardless of whether you’re new to SEO and would be greatly helped by non-techy explanations of everything that is done. Or if you have previously paid for help with your SEO running which you feel aren’t delivering the results you’d planned on when you started… I can help you!

On-page optimisation accounts for between 30% of your websites rankings, so it is very important that you make sure that your website is as Google friendly as possible. However, many people still wrongly believe that by using keyword rich anchor text, that they’ll simply rank for their chosen keywords. Although not entirely wrong, it just isn’t as easy as it once was, so by making sure your website is well optimised and that your link building is done the right way will help you to rank for the keywords you want your customers and visitors to find you with. If you’d like to find out more, please head over to the contact page and get in touch or find out more about my SEO Campaign Management services.

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I have over 10 years experience of SEO, and helping businesses both large and small to rank well in Google. Whether you’re looking for help with fixing on-page issues with your website, ranking higher in Google or looking to gain more exposure in the local search results.

I can help you, your next step is to get in touch with me.