PPC Campaign Management

If you’re currently using PPC to build traffic to your website, you’ll know that it’s very much a double edged sword. On the one hand, it’s easy to get started by choosing your keywords landing pages. On the other hand, it can quickly spiral out of control if you’re not careful about keyword selection and ensuring your landing pages are well optimised and converting.

The majority of businesses trying out PPC often find that they burn through their budgets far quicker than they expected to, often spending a months budget far quicker than they had expected to. This is easily done because of poor keyword selection and through unoptimised settings. Unlike SEO where the main aim is to try and rank for the most popular keywords within your niche. Within Adwords for example, you shouldn’t always consider the most popular keywords to be the ones you should be bidding on as these will usually be the most expensive per click and lead to your budget being exhausted with relatively few clicks.

The type of help I can provide you with will be help with both setting up as well as optimising your PPC campaigns to ensure you get the best return for your Ad spend. No matter if you’re using or planning to use Google Adwords, Facebook, twitter or Linkedin advertising.  I can help you to setup and manage your PPC Campaigns to help ensure the maximum return on your spend.

How much does PPC Management Cost?

Now this is the main concern for many businesses, that they’ll evidently spend more on the management of their PPC campaign than they’ll evidently have saved. I’ve heard of many PPC agencies charging upwards of 30% of the monthly PPC spend to manage the campaigns which is just ludicrous in my opinion. The industry average costs are typically around 15-20% of the monthly spend which evidently can be a little costly for most smaller businesses with small PPC budgets. Any management costs that do occur will be eating into your budget, so being aware of this, my rates are far cheaper than the majority of PPC agencies.

Minimum management fee of £75 to £150 a month depending on complexity

10% for budgets between £750 – £2500 a month + up to £50 depending on complexity

9% for budgets between £2501 – £5000 a month + up to £100 depending on complexity

8% for budgets between £5001 – £10’000 a month + up to £200 depending on complexity

So for instance, if your monthly spend was £3500 a month. This would 10% for the first £2500 and 9% for the remaining £1000, meaning a minimum monthly management fee of only £340 a month.

Creating and Updating Landing Pages

From £50 per page